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[image]Clip art - Roberto Patrón Zepeda
Clip art
Keywords: Clip art
Downloads: 169
[software]Altre 25000 clip art
Una grande collezione di clip art e un programma, completo e tutto in italiano, per visualizzarle. Several errors in copy.
Keywords: cdbbsarchive; clip art
Downloads: 150
[software]Publish Art '98 - Smart DTP
"Don't be fooled into thinking that PublishArt is like any ordinary clipart collection. PublishArt is a collection of resources designed to spice up web pages and help you to produce all kinds of eye-catching documents." A collection of clip art and illustrations for use in DTP, web design and a range of other design applications, including: Backdrops, bullets, designs, headers and footers, margins, Quickpaper, stencils, symbols, borders, corners, drop capitals, highlights, patterns, rules, surr...
Keywords: RISC OS; Acorn; clip art
Downloads: 103
[software]APDL DTP CD1 - Archimedes Public Domain Library
A collection of clip art and illustrations, in Sprite and Draw format: ABC, Air, Animals, Body, Buildings, Cartoon, DTP, Image, Misc, Patterns, Posters, Art, People, Plants, Space, Transport, Weather, General, History, Places, Religion, Shareware
Keywords: RISC OS; Acorn; clip art
Downloads: 84
[software]ArtWorks ClipArt CD1 - Computer Concepts
ArtWorks ClipArt CD1 "As a result of the 1993 ArtWorks clipart contest we received over 700 entries. This disc contains the majority of those, along with many other ArtWorks examples, and some high quality 24 bit photographs." - Contains over 700 ArtWorks files - Over 100 high-quality 24-bit images in TIFF and Acorn Sprite format - !Portfolio file viewer and search utility, a quick way to find a particular ArtWorks, Sprite or TIFF file - ArtWorks presentation - FontView utility to preview the 22...
Keywords: RISC OS; Acorn; clip art
Downloads: 128
[software]Smart PublishArt 3
A RISC OS Clipart CD containing Artworks and Draw files in the following categories: - Backdrops, Borders, Bullets, Corners, Designs, Dropcaps, Headfoot, Highlights, Margins, Patterns, QuickPaper, Rules, Stencils, Surrounds, Symbols
Keywords: RISC OS; Acorn; clipart; clip art
Downloads: 49
[software]DrawWorks - iSV Products
DrawWorks bitmap/vector editing package Mr Clippy clip art manager Over 1000 pieces of high quality clip art Over 2100 superb outline fonts Dr Fonty font editor ViVID Graphics enhancers
Keywords: RISC OS; Acorn; clip art; fonts
Downloads: 61
[audio]Trilogy - Ian Knox
Hot Pop Beat
Keywords: beats; make beats; clipart; free clip art; ask jeeves
Downloads: 156
[software]Arts & Letters Boss Fonts Vol. 1 - Arts and Letters
Arts & (and) Letters Boss Fonts Vol. 1Also includes:The Boss Font ManagerArts and Letters Draw (A complete Bezier-Curve Drawing Application)
Keywords: clipart; clip art; software; vector graphics; vector editor; archiveteam
Downloads: 107
[image]Car Phone Matrix - Zak Loyd
Internet Archive Tumblr Residency Post Made by Zak Loyd Sourced from: art_expl.iso
Keywords: clip art; cell phone; car phone; holodeck; dolphin; internet archive tumblr residency; zak loyd; 2013
Downloads: 492
[image]Gansta Golf - Zak Loyd
Internet Archive Tumblr Residency Post Made by Zak Loyd Sourced from: art_expl.iso
Keywords: clip art; golf; jesus; gator; the grid; holodeck; gradient; internet archive tumblr residency; zak loyd
Downloads: 97
[texts]New Atari User - Issue 046 (1990-09)(Page 6 Publishing)
New Atari User - Issue 046 (1990-09)(Page 6 Publishing)
Keywords: price; atari; games; cartridge; stos; clip; disk; sio; iii; art; clip art; hot blocks; art collection
Downloads: 38
[software]Draw - http://www.greenstreetsoftware.com
This vector-drawing software allows you to create images, logos, clipart and freehand drawings for documents, Web sites and brochures. It comes with several templates, including a template for creating CD labels. Warp effects are also supported.
Downloads: 151
[texts]Info - Issue 30 (1990-01)(Info Publications)(US)
Info - Issue 30 (1990-01)(Info Publications)(US)
Keywords: amiga; info; graphics; software; color; fonts; disk; desktop; commodore; amiga amiga; deluxe; clip art; desktop publishing; drive san; tom malcom; deluxe print; san francisco; gateway drive; public domain
Downloads: 75
[texts]Amazing Computer Magazine (December 1996)

Keywords: amiga; scsi; rom; software; web; aga; aminet; color; ide; ram; power supply; amazing computing; weird science; hard drive; light rom; service manual; hard drives; word processor; clip art
Downloads: 451
[texts]Amazing Computer Magazine (September 1991)

Keywords: amiga; program; color; animation; disk; video; commodore; arexx; graphics; amazing computing; hard disk; fax inquiry; clip art; fred fish; hard drive; video toaster; suggested retail; amiga users
Downloads: 952
[texts]Amiga World Magazine (May 1992)

Keywords: amiga; video; software; color; program; scsi; ram; disk; fonts; animation; clip art; hard drives; hard drive; art department; video toaster; power supply; ram expansion; great valley
Downloads: 768
[texts]Compute! Magazine Issue 160
Compute! Issue 160 - January 1994. Americans in Space (educational software) (Software Review) (Evaluation) - Ballpoint Mouse (notebook computer trackball) (Hardware Review) (Evaluation)- Building the ultimate game machine (includes list of computer games and advice for game playing) (personal computer) - Coasters and Rube Goldberg (Gameplay)(computer games) (Column) (Evaluation) -Data compression: packing it in (Introdos) (Column) - Dauphin DTR-1 (subnotebook computer) (Hardware Review) (Evalua...
Keywords: software; windows; compute; program; computer; game; disk; sound; compute january; sound blaster; hard disk; clip art; sound card; hard drive; entertainment software
Downloads: 2,518
Keywords: apple; iigs; program; retail; software; disk; mouse; programs; memory; graphics; apple iigs; word processing; turbo mouse; word processor; hard disk; memory expansion; features include; desk accessories; clip art
Downloads: 164
[texts]Antic Magazine Volume 7 Number 01 (Sixth Anniversary)
Antic Magazine Vol. 7 No. 1 - May 1988 - Sixth Anniversary * Feature Application Antic Spooler Keep On Computing While You Print! by Glenn Smith * Third Annual Antic Awards Outstanding Atarian Achievements Of 1987-88, GFA Basic, Publishing Partner, Jim Pierson-Perry, Animation Station, Virtuoso, Boris Tsikanovsky, Turbo Base, Print master, CompuTalk, Pcs School, Claug, Isd Spreadsheets, Thunder Mountain, Midwest Computer camp, Dbman, Cardiac Arrest, Supra Corp...
Keywords: atari; data; antic; software; ctrl; graphics; program; disk; antic spooler; modem; antic software; atari resource; software library; machine language; credit card; clip art; disk drive
Downloads: 433
[texts]Amazing Computer Magazine (May 1992)

Keywords: amiga; program; fonts; font; software; disk; arexx; postscript; color; vou; hard drive; distant suns; amazing computing; clip art; hard disk; pelican press; suggested retail; saxon publisher; public domain
Downloads: 488
[texts]Run Magazine Issue 51

Keywords: commodore; disk; data; program; graphics; programs; geos; software; desktop; computer; free catalog; berkeley softworks; desktop publishing; residents add; disk drive; dot matrix; toll free; clip art
Downloads: 703
[texts]Amiga World Magazine (June 1992)

Keywords: amiga; ram; video; software; color; chip; toaster; disk; animation; scsi; hard drives; clip art; hard drive; great valley; video toaster; fast ram; ram expansion; chip ram; power supply
Downloads: 1,122
[texts]Compute! Magazine Issue 137
Compute! Issue 137 - January 1992. "Talking" Once upon a Time ... Volume III: Journey Through Time (computer program) (Evaluation) - 19 top DOS 5.0 tips (MS-DOS Featuring DOS 5.0) - Absolutely free software! (COMPUTE/NET) (Column) - Art and artifact (computer graphics programs) (Column) - Cliff Stoll tells all (author Clifford Stoll) (Column) (Interview) - Disk Update Compute Offers Extended Disk Tech Support - Computer flea markets (includes related article on buying used computers) - Computer ...
Keywords: color; compute; program; computer; software; disk; programs; vga; compute january; hard drive; desktop publishing; computer games; sound blaster; sales tax; clip art
Downloads: 2,656
[texts]Ahoy! Magazine Issue 42

Keywords: disk; program; data; commodore; amiga; software; programs; screen; ram; disk drive; big blue; machine language; blue reader; bug repellent; multi ram; star fleet; clip art
Downloads: 858
[texts]Amiga World Magazine (July 1992)

Keywords: amiga; ram; disk; software; scsi; color; program; video; programs; fonts; valley products; hard disk; hard drive; ram expansion; video toaster; great valley; scsi controller; clip art; gold disk
Downloads: 988
[texts]Amazing Computer Magazine (April 1998)

Keywords: amiga; scsi; software; color; web; amazing; cpu; rom; aminet; texture; amazing computing; air mail; shamms mortier; amiga community; power supply; clip art; web site; video toaster; combo package
Downloads: 596
[texts]Compute! Magazine Issue 144
Compute! Issue 144 - September 1992. 12 power software tips (Compute's Getting Started with Power Computing) - 64/128 view (decreasing popularity of software for the Commodore 64 and 128) - A futuristic Neanderthal? (online services; COMPUTE/NET) (Column) - Agony (computer game) (Software Review) (Evaluation) - Amiga view (future of Commodore's Amiga microcomputers) - Armor Premier Accounting Software (Software Review) (Evaluation) - Battle Isle (computer war game) (Software Review) (Evaluation)...
Keywords: program; disk; software; compute; programs; computer; windows; ibm; compute september; word processor; hard drive; word processors; machine language; laser printer; clip art
Downloads: 2,105
[texts]Amazing Computer Magazine (September 1995)

Keywords: amiga; software; scsi; rom; lightwave; ram; xxx; analyzer; video; floppy; power supply; hard drive; amazing computing; mastering amiga; advanced amiga; floppy drive; fiber factory; amiga analyzer; clip art
Downloads: 156
[texts]Amazing Computer Magazine (August 1995)

Keywords: amiga; xxx; rom; scsi; software; photogenics; program; ram; image; stardust; super stardust; power supply; amazing computing; hard drive; floppy drive; weird science; image manipulation; clip art; amiga technologies
Downloads: 86
[texts]Ahoy! Magazine Issue 37

Keywords: program; disk; commodore; software; data; color; basic; programs; printer; disk drive; machine language; call call; residents add; bug repellent; word processor; print shop; clip art; copy protection
Downloads: 937
[texts]Amazing Computer Magazine (August 1997)

Keywords: amiga; aga; gateway; scsi; software; rom; web; petro; program; webdesign; amazing computing; power supply; sale priced; amiga user; amiga community; amiga users; amiga market; clip art; amiga international
Downloads: 496
[texts]Amiga World Magazine (January 1994)

Keywords: amiga; video; toaster; color; ram; scsi; graphics; software; program; aga; video slot; kitchen sync; final copy; power supply; video toaster; desktop video; hard drive; clip art
Downloads: 1,090
[texts]Antic Magazine Volume 7 Number 02 (Atari XE Game System)

Keywords: atari; disk; antic; program; midi; ctrl; graphics; color; data; software; residents add; atari basic; atari resource; mail merge; disk drive; software library; print shop; clip art
Downloads: 1,427
[texts]Dynamic Memories (1988-07)(South Bay Users Group)(US)
Dynamic Memories (1988-07)(South Bay Users Group)(US)
Keywords: dynamic; memories; graphics; tandy; sbug; july; word; ibm; publisher; printer; dynamic memories; word perfect; memories july; extended edition; standard printer; extra ram; electric pencil; clone buyers; clip art; bitstream fonts
Downloads: 27
[texts]geoWorld Magazine - Issue 25 (1990)(Geoworld)(US)
geoWorld Magazine - Issue 25 (1990)(Geoworld)(US)
Keywords: geos; disk; commodore; ram; geoworld; reu; file; files; fonts; gateway; clip art; edit screen; pulse width; grid edit; customer service; text files; ram disk; desk accessory; start repeat; rate level
Downloads: 60
[texts]geoWorld Magazine - Issue 23 (1990)(Geoworld)(US)
geoWorld Magazine - Issue 23 (1990)(Geoworld)(US)
Keywords: geos; graphic; geopaint; geoworld; amiga; macpaint; color; program; disk; macpaint file; graphics; laser printer; amiga iff; geos companion; print shop; photo scraps; jim collette; clip art; geos font; sean huxter
Downloads: 50
[texts]Atari Computer Enthusiasts/Fuji Facts Newsletter (August 1988)

Keywords: atari; program; file; spartados; disk; files; scopy; acec; arc; compaction; double density; fuji facts; file compaction; clip art; atari dos; ymodem batch; print kit; machine language; text files; terminal program
Downloads: 23
[texts]Info Magazine Issue 28

Keywords: amiga; info; commodore; video; disk; graphics; color; software; program; ram; tom malcom; kracker jax; public domain; super amiga; hard drive; clip art; composite video; deluxe paint; robo city; hard disk
Downloads: 190
[texts]Apple Advertisements: BRCC (Big Red Computer Club) Catalog (1991)

Keywords: disk; graphics; iigs; shareware; hyperstudio; programs; program; stack; apple; print; star trek; song disk; print shop; sound smith; clip art; order product; desk accessories; product number; big red; stack disk
Downloads: 62
[texts]Beagle Bros: Bulletin and Software Catalog 1991

Keywords: timeout; beagle; appleworks; program; apple; font; bros; beaglewrite; graphics; fonts; program writer; platinum paint; beagle bros; data base; word processor; timeout superfonts; clip art; desk accessories; site timeout; timeout desktools
Downloads: 62
[texts]Dotwriter Catalog (19xx)(Prosoft)
Dotwriter Catalog (19xx)(Prosoft)
Keywords: disk; font; italic; dotwriter; letterset; pont; small; bold; disks; boldface; italic small; clip art; font disk; small plain; small bold; text size; bold big; pont disk; big bold; bold small
Downloads: 48
[texts]Dotwriter Catalog - Prosoft
Dotwriter Catalog from Prosoft.
Keywords: disk; font; italic; dotwriter; letterset; pont; small; bold; disks; boldface; plain small; italic small; font disk; pont disk; small bold; text size; bold small; small plain; big bold; clip art
Downloads: 29
[texts]Shareware Solutions II - Volume 2 Issue 4 (1995-07)(Kohn, Joe)(US)
Shareware Solutions II - Volume 2 Issue 4 (1995-07)(Kohn, Joe)(US)
Keywords: hypercard; stack; shareware; apple; solutions; issue; iigs; appleworks; color; disk; shareware solutions; hypercard stacks; bit mapped; iigs bit; mary ann; mapped font; machine spits; font named; clip art; trix includes
Downloads: 55
[texts]Australian Commodore and Amiga Review, The - Volume 12 Issue 11 (1995-11)(Storm Front Studios)(AU)
Australian Commodore and Amiga Review, The - Volume 12 Issue 11 (1995-11)(Storm Front Studios)(AU)
Keywords: amiga; scsi; ram; disk; software; ide; drive; review; text; amiga review; hard drive; hard disk; personal write; high density; personal paint; hard drives; final writer; blitz basic; clip art
Downloads: 76
[texts]Info - Issue 28 (1989-09)(Info Publications)(US)
Info - Issue 28 (1989-09)(Info Publications)(US)
Keywords: amiga; info; commodore; software; video; color; disk; graphics; program; ram; public domain; hard drive; deluxe paint; robo city; super amiga; kracker jax; hard disk; clip art; tom malcom; composite video
Downloads: 319
[texts]The Rainbow Magazine (Radio Shack Color Computer) (August 1991)

Keywords: coco; rainbow; data; disk; color; program; tandy; software; graphics; programs; color computer; rainbow august; disk drive; residents add; system call; hard drive; envelope writer; coco max; clip art; disk basic
Downloads: 215
[texts]Beagle Bros: 1991 Catalog

Keywords: timeout; beagle; appleworks; bros; fonts; beaglewrite; apple; program; graphics; font; clip art; timeout superfonts; beagle bros; program writer; word processor; platinum paint; font library; desk accessories; data base; picture manager
Downloads: 84
[texts]Shareware Solutions II - Volume 4 Issue 1 (1997-10)(Kohn, Joe)(US)
Shareware Solutions II - Volume 4 Issue 1 (1997-10)(Kohn, Joe)(US)
Keywords: apple; iigs; shareware; solutions; printers; software; web; mailing; harmonie; bernie; shareware solutions; mailing list; apple iigs; spectrum internet; ink jet; wide web; studio city; clip art; ware solutions; mailing lists
Downloads: 61
[texts]Apple2000 Vol 3 No 2 April 1988
Apple2000 Vol 3 No 2 April 1988
Keywords: apple; mac; disk; macintosh; users; program; software; arc; appleworks; file; apple users; users april; group contact; clip art; user group; main menu; word processor; personal newsletter; hard disk; tom wright
Downloads: 314
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